Trusteeship Types


We will work with you to find a professional trustee with the appropriate background, experience and skills to fulfil your needs.


Our trustees have helped our clients in various roles, including:

  • Chair of trustees

    Our Directors can provide strong leadership in building a consensus that allows all parties (employer, trustees and advisers) to work together towards a common goal.

  • Member of trustee board

    We can sit on your trustee board and provide assistance to the chair and other trustees. Where conflicts of interest arise, we can (if it’s appropriate) act as chair for specific issues or represent the trustees in funding negotiations with the company.

  • Sole trusteeship

    It is hard to find committed and qualified trustees, so increasing numbers of schemes are appointing sole professional trustees. This can be a cost-effective solution and sponsoring employers are kept involved through regular open dialogue.

  • Interim trusteeship

    We’re happy to offer support for a limited time, for example: during a corporate transaction or a scheme merger.

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