Scheme Types


Our professional trustees offer services for all types of pension scheme, including:  

  • DB (Defined Benefit) schemes 

    We have considerable experience of all aspects of DB trusteeship especially in connection with negotiating scheme funding whether in relation to the triennial actuarial valuation or in the context of special situations resulting from corporate transactions.  We are familiar with a wide range of investment strategies from multi asset allocation to fiduciary management and de-risking.

  • DC (Defined Contribution) schemes

    The DC landscape is constantly changing and we can help you to ensure you remain compliant with the legislation (including auto-enrolment), understand the Regulator’s Code of Practice and appreciate the 31 Quality Features to benchmark your arrangement.  Following the Budget of 2014 we can also help you to appreciate the additional defined contributions flexibilities that are available and determine which of these would be appropriate to your scheme.

  • Hybrid schemes 

    Many of our schemes have multi benefit structures including DB and DC sections or make use of underpin arrangements. We have the skills and experience to actively manage all types of scheme benefits in the best interests of members.

  • Master trusts 

    Our experts have years of experience in helping to establish and manage Mastertrusts.

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