Non-pension Services


Our years of experience of all forms of trusteeship (and offering trustee-related services) allows us to also offer non-pension services in various areas, including:

  • Life assurance trusts

    Our professional trustees will ensure that your life assurance trust is run in a sensitive and efficient manner, including dealing with issues such as the prompt payment of correct benefits and liaising with beneficiaries.

  • Health care trusts

    We can manage payments from the sponsoring employer and also ensure that benefits are paid to beneficiaries in accordance with the rules of the trust. We can also help negotiate competitive rates and service level agreements with any          3rd party trust administrator.

  • Escrow agent

    Funds sometimes need to be set aside (in ‘Escrow’) under the control of more than one party to be used in specific circumstances. We can act as an independent 3rd party and manage an Escrow account. In the pensions context, the account would hold monies paid by the employer.  Funds would then be released to either the scheme or the employer when certain pre-agreed trigger points are reached. An added advantage of an escrow account managed by a 3rd party is     that its funds will be preserved in the event of an insolvency.
    We can also act as an escrow agent for non-pension escrow accounts.

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