Our Team


Claire Teagle - Managing Director

Claire is a solicitor and Managing Director of HR Trustees Limited with over 23 years pensions trusteeship experience, having joined HR Trustees in 1992.

E: claire.teagle@hrtrustees.com

T: 0118 918 5456


Alex Davies - Director

Alex has over 15 years’ experience in the pensions industry. His appointments include chair of trustees, member of a trustee board and as a sole trustee.

E: alex.davies@hrtrustees.com

T: 0118 918 5449


Chris Bamford - Director

Chris has over 25 years’ experience in the pensions industry. He has fulfilled a wide range of senior roles, including client management, scheme wind ups and Scheme Actuary appointments.

E: chris.bamford@hrtrustees.com

T: 0118 918 5477


Christopher Hayes - Director

Chris has over 13 years’ experience as a full time professional trustee with particular focus on schemes requiring exit management services and winding up.

E: christopher.hayes@hrtrustees.com

T: 0118 918 5459


Colin Marsh - Director

With over 20 years' experience as acting as a full time professional trustee, Colin has worked with a wide range of trustee board members and advisers; sometimes as Chairman, other times as a board member assisting the Chairman.

E: colin.marsh@hrtrustees.com

T: 0118 918 5445


Gerald Wellesley - Director

Gerald has over 30 years experience in the finance industry including over 10 years as pension trustee in both DB and DC arenas.

E: gerald.wellesley@hrtrustees.com

T: 0118 918 5569


Fiona Lawrance - Principal

Fiona has almost 20 years’ experience of pension scheme management and joined HR Trustees in 2001.

E: fiona.lawrance@hrtrustees.com

T: 0118 918 5454


Kevin Kenneally - Principal

Kevin has over 13 years pensions experience and works predominantly on ongoing professional trusteeships, after previously working as a pension scheme consultant.

E: kevin.kenneally@hrtrustees.com

T: 0118 918 5469


Mark Fletcher - Director

Mark was a senior pensions consultant with 2 leading benefit consultancy firms for almost 16 years' and joined HR Trustees in 2000.

E: mark.fletcher@hrtrustees.com

T: 0118 918 5453


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