Client feedback

They have helped us save much more and created a cohesive plan to de-risk whilst building an integrated pension team.
Sally-Anne Borrill,
​I enjoy working with PSIT and we have a very positive relationship. I was new to pensions and found them very helpful.
Bruce Allison,
​Ian has added more value than we thought he would at the start… which shows it pays to go with someone who is doing the job of a professional trustee as their bread and butter.
Katherine Breading,
PSIT was chosen because of their knowledge of the subject and awareness of our particular schemes.
George Batho ,
Trustee, Lansing Linde
​Mike is a great secretary. He does a really good job for us.
Clare Cairns,
Campden BRI Group
When requesting information by email, I have noticed that there is 'out of hours activity' to answer me. I regard this as a stand out 'above and beyond' - impressed.

Pensions governance: Step back and see the big picture


Market trends

Date published:

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

In this Pensions Age article, Suzi Lowther looks at the three key themes facing all pension trustee boards - strategy, effectiveness and efficiency - and how trustees and pension scheme sponsors could benefit from taking a step back to look at things as a whole in order to find improvements.


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