Client feedback

​Their pragmatic approach helps with quick and easy decision making. Another approach might have made things more difficult.
Mark Assinder,
PSIT were overall more professional than others.
Paul Staniland,
So much more proactive than the previous company. On the ball - thinking in advance of things needing doing - very proactive.
Paul Rudd ,
Chairman of Trustees, Express Newspaper
​We are extremely pleased with the appointment we made. The way Ian and Kerry react to us and work with us is brilliant. We are very happy.
Katherine Breading,
PSIT was chosen because of their knowledge of the subject and awareness of our particular schemes.
George Batho ,
Trustee, Lansing Linde
Excellent service - as expected and why PSIT was chosen.
Stuart Barker ,
Independent Occupational Pensions Consultant, RSPCA

Our team

Our widely experienced independent trustee and pension secretary team includes actuaries, pension and investment consultants, pensions managers and pension scheme administrators.

The PS Independent Trustees team are all highly experienced and qualified. Each of our principals have worked exclusively in the specialist field of occupational pension schemes in an actuarial, investment or pensions management discipline. Complementing this, the rest of the PSIT team has substantial practical experience of pension scheme administration, pensions management and member communications.

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John Batting


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Edwin Bruce-Gardner


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Kevin Clark


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James Double


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James Duggan


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Kirsty Furze


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Ann Geer


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Gillian Graham


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Lorna Griffin-Smith


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Mark Homer


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Mike Ironside


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Julie Karavis


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Suzi Lowther


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Curtis Mitchell


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Clare Owen


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Wayne Phelan


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Simon Riviere


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Stuart Southall


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Kathy Trusler


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